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Heng Li Industrial Equipments Co., Ltd.
( Guangzhou )
Tel:020-81944190  81364992  
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Heng Li (Shanghai) Office

Heng Li (Suzhou) Office
Tel: 18994474467

Heng Li (Chongqing) Office
Tel: 18916333382

About Us

    HengLi Industrial Equipments Co.,Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Germany WOLFF in China.

    Our company sells and service a full range of WOLFF products, and offers you powerful machinery and first-class special tools for removing and laying floors as well as preparing subfloors

    Our professional sales and service team will offers professional solution to our customers, no matter in whole proposal or in products only.

    Our mission is to serve customer with honesty and equity, to help customer to improve the efficiency of installation of flooring, and decrease the labour cost!